Quality Care is our First Priority

With decades of experience, we have a long-history of high quality care. It starts with a passion for excellence and is supported through consistent and substantial investment in training, expanded services and state-of-the-art technologies.

Mosaic Healthcare facilities…

Telemedicine allows 24/7 bedside physician assessment and monitoring. This extra layer of oversight reduces hospital re-admissions, complications and recovery time.
Because they improve physician communication, accuracy and quality of care.
We offer complex clinical care units and provide a wide range of specialized clinical services not found in other post-acute care centers. These include in-house dialysis, specialized cardiac care including telemetry, EKG monitoring and defibrillation, dementia care and memory support, wound care, diabetes care and more.
Available daily at the bedside or in newly expanded therapy gyms, we provide physical, occupational, speech, neurological and cognitive therapies to enhance independence, improve mobility, and restore function.
 Creating a caring and supportive environment is an important part of our quality care mission. We use innovative, ongoing staff training to grow our culture of service and to ensure each patient benefits from our personalized approach to care and comfort.

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